The world is in the midst of a nutritional revolution; people are becoming more and more health conscious every day. With an increase in the understanding of how nutrients really function, we better know how a lack of important dietary components can lead to early aging, low energy levels and even disease. People are now more conscious of what they put into their bodies. And why shouldn't they be? You are what you eat, after all.

A cell is the fundamental unit of life and those in our bodies are constantly replicating. Every day, millions of new cells are made to replace those that are worn-out or damaged in a process called Mitosis. But where do these new cells come from? What are they made of? The raw materials used to create these new cells come directly from the nutrients that you get in your food.

It isn't hard to keep track of what you put in your own body, but have you ever thought about what you've been feeding your four-legged friend?

The majority of pet owners provide their dogs with a diet of dry food... and why not? Kibbles are a great way to economically feed your pooch as well as made use of human food production waste, and the majority of food brands even advertise offering the nutrients that your pet needs to live a long and healthy life. But there is a downside: many myths and false ideals provide an illusion that dry food can be the best source of nutrients for your pet. Dogs and cats are required by nature to eat a diet rich in protein from meats and many big pet food manufacturers advertise their product as being "organic", containing high quality ingredients. This may be so in the first stages of food processing but, in reality, the process of turning that food into the "dry balls" that your pet is actually consuming destroys all of the crucial vitamins and minerals that these ingredients may have initially offered. Many of these pet food companies use slaughter house waste as spoiled food as their "nutrient" base, but mostly fillers and grains to add weight to their product.

Rather than using a healthy meat source for your pet's diet, the major source of protein is actually derived from grains and grain by-products such as corn gluten meal, wheat or brewer's rice. This high grain content in pet foods plays a huge role in the increase of pet obesity and even the development of allergy problems. When searching for the best quality pet food meats or meat meal such as chicken or lamb should be ingredients listed before any grains.

Feeding dry kibbles to your dog can even result in dental problems, contrary to the belief that they actually help to clean your pet's teeth. Your pooch's teeth were designed to eat meat and, therefore, are quite sharp. Rather than scraping down the teeth (as many would imagine), the shattered bits of dry food are easily lodged between them which promotes growth and bacteria and eventually leads to dental problems.

With all of this information, some may feel that finding the right diet for their pet can be a bit overwhelming. Some pet owners cook food for their pets at home, but most can't find the time to do so. Luckily, there is a blossoming company with a much simpler solution to all of these problems!

There is an endless list of benefits to feeding your pooch a natural diet:

  1. A healthier immune system will result in less money spent on veterinary bills and medications
  2. A softer, shinier and healthier looking coat as well as clear, bright eyes
  3. A reduce in "doggie odor" as well as less poop to scoop up
  4. An increased excitement in the most finicky of eaters
  5. Better weight control for increased mobility and energy

The Farmer's Dog is a wonderful company dedicated to providing your pet with the best diet catered to their own specific needs. With a goal of educating pet parents and making real, whole food meals accessible to dogs everywhere, their customer's notice incredibly improvements in both the health and appearance of their dogs in just a matter of weeks!

With a team of leading veterinary nutritionists, The Farmer's Dog has found the perfect balance of USDA human grade ingredients and supplements to best achieve a natural whole food pet diet. By adding no fillers, grains, preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors, they prepare all meals for your pet just as you would at home: "handmade and fresh, with real meats and vegetables 100% certified by the USDA and FDA for human consumption". They have worked hard to provide a recipe to best serve a dog's natural eating habits, serving a majority of fresh meat in addition to a few vegetables, fruits and herbs. As if this isn't enough to be too good to be true, they even customize a specific food plan for your pet and their dietary needs!

If you would prefer to cook meals for your pet at home but aren't quite sure which food has the highest quality of nutrients that your dog needs, Meat & Bones NYC offers a great variety of foods from treats to the best quality meats! Vincent, the creator and founder of the company, has extensive hands-on knowledge of not only preparing food but also why and which ingredients are most beneficial for your pet's health and happiness!