Don’t let your pet get on the naughty list right before Santa arrives!

It’s Christmas time!


With the whole family gathered around the tree, unwrapping presents and sharing laughter and cheer, chances are that your furry family member will be right there to join in the festivities. But, with everyone distracted by the gift giving and new toys, your pet might find the perfect opportunity to get into a bit of trouble.


Once your critters catch the Christmas spirits there’s no telling what they’ll do! Make sure that you keep your pets safe this holiday season by remembering these simple tips!


Chances are that your Christmas tree will be the centerpiece of all of the festivities this year, but can also be a huge temptation for your dog or cat! Shiny tinsel, bright lights and tennis ball shaped ornaments might prove hard for your furry friends to resist, so make sure that you hang them out of reach.  Some adventurous kitties may still try to pounce on the tree, so leaving something like crinkled aluminum foil or a bottle full of small items can create noises to warn of impending dancer. Also, if you have a live tree, be sure to pick up all of the fallen needles; they can really irritate your pet’s tummy if ingested!


A tree isn’t the only holiday plant that poses a risk to your pet’s health and safety. Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs and cats, so be sure to keep them out of reach!


It might be wise to double-check any electrical decorations, inside and out. Tape the wires to the wall to avoid your furry friends getting caught and making a mess!


When the time for opening gifts arrives, make sure that you have a garbage bag close by to toss away paper, string and tape as soon as its disguise is no longer needed.


If you’re having a lot of visitors come over for the holiday, it may be best to keep your pet in a comfy room with some water… at least until all of the commotion settles down. You might even want to brush up on obedience training before your guests arrive; we wouldn’t want Grandma to get knocked over by a big, puppy hug! It’s also important to let your guests know not to feed your pets any table food. While some items aren’t necessarily harmful to your cat or dog, you wouldn’t want them to eat too much and spend the rest of Christmas tending to their tummy ache!



The team at Dan’s Dog Walking hopes that these simple reminders allow your pet to have fun with the family this Christmas season!

Alison has been with Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting since 2014 and has loved every second of it!  She frequently hikes with her dog Maggie in the woods (click link to watch the awesome video!) and loves playing with her on the beach.  Aly is a major advocate for the use of all natural pet products and specializes not only in giving animals the highest level of care, but also in creating educational material for our clients on how to best care for their pets with organic solutions.




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