In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

we would like you to know just how significant of a role therapy dogs play in helping to soothe and support Cancer patients in recovery

As a dog owner, you've most likely experienced the elation of coming home to find your four-legged friend just waiting at the door to greet you with a smile. Our pets have so many unique and quirky qualities: chasing a tail that they forget is attached to their own body, nudging your elbow when they feel they aren't getting enough attention, laying directly on top of your as you nap on the couch and, don't forget, showing love by using their tongue to provide an unexpected face wash! Dogs seem to have a handful of smile invoking tactics and, with the well deserved title of "Man's Best Friend", it seems that a pooch's sole purpose is to spread happiness and unconditional love without asking for anything in return.

                         Pet Health Network

                       Pet Health Network

Dogs are amiable creatures; they are able to brighten the mood not only of their owners but uplift the spirits of almost anyone they interact with, turning frowns upside down wherever they go. With a dog's uncanny ability to alleviate depression and anxiety, a growing body of research has shown that animal-assisted therapy offers an array of beneficial effects for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


It's hard for those undergoing cancer treatment to remain positive; worrying about treatment schedules on top of anxiety and pain becomes very stressful and lonely. By offering companionship and distraction from all of these worries, therapy pets are beneficial to the recovery and emotional struggles of cancer patients in a variety of ways:

  • Kisses and cuddles ease their anxiety and elevate their mood

  • Canine companionship offers comfort, thereby lessening feelings of isolation or loneliness

  • Having as adorable pooch to play with provides a distraction from pain, stress or boredom

  • Snuggling with or petting a dog helps relax the patient; snuggling with a soft, friendly animal can release endorphins that have a calming effect

  • Looking forward to seeing an adorable face every day helps motivate them to get better

  • Many patients don't like to talk about their disease, so speaking in the company a four-legged friend who just listens increases socialization and encourages communication

Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.
— Caesar Milan

In order to raise awareness about an epidemic that has affected women across the nation, the month of October is officially been named as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since the 1980's, research and awareness of the disease have grown immensely. Due to the support, love and concern of individuals across the nation, our knowledge of the disease continues to expand alongside the growing dedication of those seeking a cure. Upon examining the nation as a whole, it has come to light that Suffolk and Nassau County population has a breast cancer incident rate much higher than the statewide average... approximately thirteen to eighteen percent to be precise.

Recent studies show that the Long Island population has a breast cancer incident rate much higher than the statewide average, so Dan's Dog Walking will be hosting their Second Annual "Paw's for a Cause" Fundraiser in efforts to further raise awareness and offer monetary contributions to promote further research.  Every dollar raised goes to First Company Pink, a partner of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As an independent, not-for profit organization, they are committed to funding clinical and scientific research in order to promote prevention before a cure is needed!   


If you are interested in supporting the team at Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in their efforts to assist further Breast Cancer research, you can purchase one of our "Paws for a Cause" T-shirt's to show your support! All contributions go directly to First Company Pink and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Succeeding the article, you will find our effectual t-shirts among other ways you can participate in the cause!


Written by Alison Heyman


Alison has been with Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting since 2014.  She loves going on adventures with her dog Maggie in the woods and playing with her on the beach.  Aly is a major advocate for the use of all natural pet products and specializes not only in giving animals the highest level of care, but creating educational material for our clients on how to best care for their pets with organic solutions.



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