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Scheduling Your Consultation Meeting 

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We will get started with your free consultation meeting where one of our managers will come to your home with your team of Pet Care Specialists to get to know you and your dog.

Our team will review all of your pet's needs as well as get situated with your home including how we will be entering and if there are any alarms.  Many of our clients opt to use one of our lockboxes to store the key at their home to ensure the highest security of your keys.

Viewing Visit Notes, GPS and Photos

Upon arrival our team will be scanning in with our GPS tracking technology where you will receive an email confirmation of our arrival. 

Logging into your Pet Check Account is simple, simply use your email address and your provided password to log in!

You can download our Pet Check app for clients where you can further view appointment details and the GPS tracking!

We do ask that you do not book appointments through the app and only through the office, we will be launching our very own system shortly where that will be a feature for our clients!


Scheduling Services

Scheduling services is as easy as sending a text!  You can call, text or email us any time to request services during normal business hours.  Upon confirmation of your appointment our team will send over an email breaking down all visits and services scheduled.