your dog gets more than just exercise on a walk

Whether you have four legs or two, we all know that exercise is important. Daily walks with your dog provide the workout that he or she needs, but couldn't they get the same amount of physical activity from just running around in the yard?

The truth is, your pooch gets so much more from a daily walk than just exercise!

Daily physical activity is important, but just running around in the yard can get a little mundane for your pup. Taking your dog out for a walk will broaden his horizons, helping to strengthen his social skills and even offers mental stimulation.

Walking for just 30 minutes a day can help to stimulate your pets mind enough to prevent behavior problems like digging, barking, and other noisome habits that many pups exhibit when they get bored!


Since dogs have a pack mentality, its important for your pooch to socialize with other animals. On a stroll through the neighborhood, your pup can meet some of the local dogs and even sniff around where some of his four-legged friends have been. Being on the other end of the leash also reinforces your dogs position in his pack or family by showing him to follow the walker's lead. Daily walks can also help build trust and confidence in pets that are usually timid or fearful!

Walking on the other end of the leash will give your dog rules to follow. Stopping when you want to stop and going where you want to go gives your four-legged friend some direction and understanding in what you would like him to do. Since a dogs most aspired goal is pleasing their owner, this will make both you and your pooch happy!

On top of all of the social benefits there are, of course, an array of health benefits to exercising your dog daily as well. An overweight dog is not a healthy dog, so exercising regularly is critical to your pet's health! Walks can also help your dog feel more relaxed and calm, reducing hyperactivity and excitability. Dogs who are usually restless at night are sure to sleep soundly when they get their daily exercise!